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 Operation Redemption, April 25th (Drummonds, TN)

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Operation Redemption, April 25th (Drummonds, TN) Empty
PostSubject: Operation Redemption, April 25th (Drummonds, TN)   Operation Redemption, April 25th (Drummonds, TN) EmptySun Mar 29, 2015 4:41 pm

I recently discovered this event while wasting time on Facebook. It looks to be very interesting and is right above Millington, TN so it will be closer than Bad Karma was. Price appears to be $10 and the game is set to run from 8AM-4PM.

Playercap of 125, so if we want to go, we need to decide relatively soon.

Alpha and Bravo

• To obtain Intel of opposing forces and relay to main force.
• Capture and hold key points to assist in combat efforts i.e. Mortar Attacks, Surveillance, Supplies, etc.
• Capture, interrogate, or eliminate (SNIPER ONLY) commanding personnel from opposing force.
• Secure, hold, and obtain Intel at strategic villages.
• Secure and hold building and or villiages.
• Eliminate opposing forces.


•Points will be allotted and counted for each objective taken.

1. Obtaining valuable Intel (5 Pts.)
2. Successful capture of assets for combat efforts (5pts.) for every 15min held.
3. Capture and Interrogation of Commanding personnel with Intel (15pts.)
4. Eliminate Commanding Personnel (30pts.)
5. Secure and Hold strategic villages at allotted time (20pts.)
6. Obtain Intel at strategic villages (50pts.)
7. Buildings held will account for allotted points when tallied every 3-5 hours.
8. Successful OPFOR Missions will account for (200pts.)

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Operation Redemption, April 25th (Drummonds, TN)
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