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 1 Joule G-Spec

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1 Joule G-Spec Empty
PostSubject: 1 Joule G-Spec   1 Joule G-Spec EmptyWed Feb 09, 2011 10:47 pm

So I've finally decided to build a sniper's rifle. I have worked on them in the past and put parts in them but never built one from the ground up. As you know I love TK twist barrels and low fps setups. It is a niche of mine that I try to fill. I thought that if I can put a TK barrel in a sniper and make it usable then I can do it for any other type of gun.

I chose the G-Spec for a couple of reasons.
1. The 328 fps limit is going to decrease the range of the gun (I'm trying to get the most range out of it as possible but I'm not going to fool myself)
2. The 328 fps limit is going to make the gun quiet it would be best to make it even more quiet.
3. The bull barrel not only looks cool, but makes barrel spacers and other modifications easier

So what I'm shooting for is a very light, fast, silent rifle with as much range as I can squeeze out of the 1 joule spring.

What I've done so far

Don't reinvent the wheel. I've taken a whole lot of what noobie did for his G-SPEC


I'm not able to make my own trigger or bolt handle, but the smaller things I've done.
I'm getting tired and lazy. Tomorrow I'll put up some pictures and some in depth stuff.
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1 Joule G-Spec
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