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 Big Stompy Robots?

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Big Stompy Robots? Empty
PostSubject: Big Stompy Robots?   Big Stompy Robots? EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 9:20 pm

Don't we need a Heavy Gear Blitz thread going?

I've literally spent the past two days in Gear Garage trying to get a 1000 point army that will work.

On one hand I've got a Northern Army with H.Aller support with zippy Cheetah's painting targets for my super duper death throwing Grizzly(s). Also Paratrooper Infantry with anti-gear weaponry for wherever I damn well feel like dropping them.

On the other, I've got a smaller, but really scary Black Talon Rape Train full of Dark Heavy Vultures and Dual HRP Dark Naga(s). With this build I've got borderline obscene direct/indirect damage. The extra actions and CP's is nice with the Dark Talons but I don't know how well a small group of elite gears will do against a standard army.

Meh... The Northern Army seems only suited for defense. Park everything in the back and let the Cheetahs scout/cap everything. The Dark Talons have Jump Jets, Stealth, Extra Actions, above average armor, and a boat load ordnance they can throw your way.

What do you guys think? What would you rather NOT fight Cool ???
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Big Stompy Robots? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Big Stompy Robots?   Big Stompy Robots? EmptyTue Feb 21, 2012 12:33 am

You know for this we actually have this right here...http://starkvillehobbyclub.comxa.com/

I know how to kill a gear, I only think I know how to kill a tank. You could also go the more direct firepower route with the Northern forces, keep the tank in the back and push forward with assault versions of the fire support gears, or a strike squad. They can still spot for the tank if needed as well.

You can only ever give any single model a single CP unless there's a special rule that changes that for that model. But the Black Talons are very nice. I believe Philip is going to try to field them.
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Big Stompy Robots?
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