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 Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative)

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Tactical Ghost
Tactical Ghost

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Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative) Empty
PostSubject: Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative)   Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative) EmptyFri Feb 27, 2015 2:37 pm

Hey guys, I figured I'd post this event here. Looks interesting!
Brandon Ftac wrote:
Updated information: Tentative pricing for Operation Broken Arrow - $50/per player (lunch and water will be provided). 100 player cap. First come, first serve.
Rules are being drawn up and the official date is being locked down. Expect a real MilSim event. This event will provide bbs and simulate the need to resupply. It will have constant missions that will be ordered by each company's command. Expect anything and everything! More information is coming guys. Keep an eye open!
The FB Page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1392689567708923
Official Page for the AO: http://www.meridianms.org/default/index.cfm/city-departments/police/meridian-public-safety-training-facility/
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Tactical Ghost
Tactical Ghost

Posts : 121
Join date : 2013-01-06
Age : 25
Location : Mississippi

Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative)   Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative) EmptyThu Mar 26, 2015 8:53 pm

The guys have just posted up the OPORD. It looks like they're going for Milsim West-style rules with limits on ammo and such.

Brandon Ftac wrote:
1.1 SOP Purpose
The purpose of the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) manual is to provide all players and staff with a collection of rules and approved practices to ensure a safe and exciting airsoft event. Operation Broken Arrow staff reserves the right to change any of these rules and communicate them to our participants during the event to ensure the highest qualify of play and safety to all involved.
2.1 Standard Rules of Engagement / Weapons Regulations
Positive identification is required prior to engagement. PID is a reasonable certainty that the proposed target is a legitimate military target from the opposing team or an authorized target for engagement.
2. Minimum Engagement Distances & FPS Rules (Measured on .25bbs:
Rifleman - 400FPS, 20 feet
Support Gunner (LMG/MMG) - 450FPS, 35 feet
DMR - 450FPS, 50 feet
Sniper - 500FPS, 100 feet
Pistols - 350 FPS, No minimum
3. Support guns are not authorized to be fired within a structure. They can be used on the field and to shoot into a structure. Once inside, the support gunner must switch to a secondary weapon.
4. Rate of Fire Rules
All riflemen, DMR’s, Snipers, and pistols are to be operated in semi-automatic only.
Support guns are the only weapons authorized to operate in automatic.
5. Smoke Grenades / Distraction Devices
Commercially produced cold smoke devices are authorized for use. COLD SMOKE ONLY.
No homemade smoke/explosive devices or explosive pyrotechnics/fireworks are authorized for use except for by staff.
Distraction devices (aka Thunder B’s) are authorized for use.
Smoke is not authorized for use within buildings except for by staff.
6. Hit Rules
You are considered hit if any portion of your body, helmet or equipment that is attached to your body is struck by a BB. Ricochets and direct hits count. Friendly fire counts as a hit.
Weapon hits do not count.
If you are hit, ensure you yell “HIT!” numerous times and loud enough to insure the enemy team hears you. Remove your red dead rag as quick as possible and display it. Once hit, you are not to move from the location you were struck unless being moved by a fellow teammate (See medic rules for details). Do not reload, test fire, or give information to teammates while you are hit.
Judges will be equipped with airsoft guns and will conduct random honesty checks. If a complaint is received or a judge notices a player who is possibly not calling hits, the judge has the discretion to shoot the player without their knowledge to test their honesty. If the player calls out, the judge will immediately notify the player that it was an honesty check and they are still in play. If the player does not call the hits, the judge will inform the player they are out of play for that particular mission and radio the players name to be placed on the warning list. If the player is removed again by a judge for not calling an honesty check hit, they will be ejected from the event without refund.
E. If two participants shoot at each other at the same time and BOTH players are hit by bbs, BOTH players will be considered hit.
3.1 Non-Negotiable Rules
Operation Broken Arrow staff reserves the right to switch players to opposing teams. Every effort will be made to keep established milsim teams together, but in order to keep each company as close to even, you may be subject to a team change. Please ensure you bring two sets of uniforms, one in each color, in the event you are changed from your original assignment.
Whenever in doubt about how to act or behave in any situation not specifically mentioned within this SOP, always use your best judgement to keep within the spirit of the game. When in doubt, ask event staff to clarify.
Disrespecting staff, spectators, or other participants will not be tolerated. Participants found cheating or disrespecting any staff, spectators, or other participants are subject to being ejected from the event without refund.
Absolutely no physical contact, fighting, or intimidation will be tolerated.
Participants who attempt to steal, cause bodily harm, or break any other laws will be ejected from the event without refund and handed over to local law enforcement officials.
Squads must stick together. This is a military simulation. No freelancing is authorized. The purpose of this event is to encourage team tactics.
Lost & Found - If you come across any times which has obviously been dropped by another player. Please pick it up and bring it to your command at your next respawn. Participants are encouraged to put identifying marks on each item in your possession for identification later. This includes: guns, mags, thunder b’s, etc.
Age restrictions - We allow participants as young as 15 at our events. All participants under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by their parents/guardian and notarized by a notary public. Additionally, participants ages 15-17 must be accompanied to the field by a parent, legal guardian, family member or on participant authorized to take responsibility for the minor that is registered to play at our event. That guardian must remain on the facility for the entire event. It is not our job to watch minors. Note that while we allow minors to attend, our events are designed for a mature audience and require a level of self-control and respect not typically found in minors. Please consider this before signing up or registering minors as it can negatively affect your experience and the experience of those around you.
Parent/legal guardian and participant watching (overseer) over minor must both sign the minors waiver even if it’s the same person.
Minors must be teamed with their adult overseer.
Drugs & Alcohol - Operation Broken Arrow is an alcohol and drug free event. Regardless of your age and state laws regarding alcohol and/or drug use, they will not be tolerated at this event. If you are caught in possession of alcohol and/or drugs, you will immediately be ejected from the event without refund and/or turned over to local law enforcement officials.
4.1 Uniform Requirements
Authorized colors - GREEN TEAM (Green bands if needed)
Woodland BDU (M81)
O.D. Green (ranger green / field green)
Tiger Stripe
Woodland Marpat
Digital Flora
Russian Flora
Woodland Flecktarn
VDV Flecktarn
Ukrainian M82
Danish M88
Russian Flecktarn-D
Pea Dot M44
Splinter Camo
DPM Woodland
B. Authorized Colors - TAN TEAM (Yellow bands if needed)
DPM - Desert
MARPAT - Desert
Desert Tiger Stripe
Desert DCU
Tan (Coyote, Khaki)
Flecktarn - Desert
Chinese PLA “Tibet Camo”
Project Honor Camo
U.S. 6 color desert “chocolate chip” camo
C. All uniforms must consist of matching tops and bottoms in the approved camouflage of your faction.
D. We strongly recommend that your gear is similar in color to your faction approved camouflages. This means if you are wearing M81 Woodland, then you probably shouldn’t wear ACU/UCP gear that could cause identification issues. If there is any question as to what team you are fighting for, you will be required to wear an arm band.
E. Due to the extreme nature of our events and AO, we highly recommend and encourage participants to invest in either military-style boots or commercial hiking-style boots (ie. Danner, Merrell, Salomon, etc.). Tennis shoes, dress shoes, etc. are highly discouraged as they do not protect your feet from the elements and terrain. Stability is needed to endure long foot movements over varied terrain while carrying all your mission essential equipment. Proper care of your feet can make or break your experience, and the experience of those around you.
F. Eye protection must be worn at all times while on the field of play. You may remove them during scheduled breaks, but please wait for officials to make the “all-clear” announcement before removing your eye protection. Eye protection needs to meet ANSI Z87.1-1989 standards and be full seal. Sunglasses which do not have foam inside to give full seal will not be authorized. Steel mesh lenses are permitted. Full seal goggles are recommended.
G. Face protection is required to be worn at all times while on the field by players under the age of 18. Though not required by players over the age of 18, it is encouraged.
5.1 Required Equipment to be carried on your person
Picture ID in case of emergencies
A list of any health problems, medications or allergies in case of emergencies
IFAK - Some sort of pouch marked with a cross which contains first aid supplies.
Radios - Commander, RTO and squad leaders are required to carry an FRS/GMRS radio to communicate with command.
Hydration - bottled water or hydration pack w/ water inside.
Red dead rag
Primary weapon
Secondary weapon (not required by recommended)
Medic bandage
Backpack, Large durable pouch.
- No blind fire
- Players may only shoot from the hip while on the move (ie. running)
- Weapon must be shouldered when fired
- I.D. your targets
- Semi automatic only except for LMG/MMG
Rifleman - 400FPS, 20 feet
Support Gunner (LMG/MMG) - 450FPS, 35 feet
DMR - 450FPS, 50 feet
Sniper - 500FPS, 100 feet
Pistols - 350 FPS, No minimum
Note - To qualify as an LMG/MMG, the weapon must be a commercially used LMG/MMG. Box mags on a standard rifle do not qualify as LMG/MMG guns.
C. Fake knives/melee weapons are not authorized.
D. Magazine restrictions
- Box/drum mags are restricted to use by LMG/MMG guns only.
- Mid-caps or real-cap mags are authorized for non-LMG/MMG class weapons.
E. AMMO RESTRICTIONS - To simulate real-life battle conditions, ammunition will be limited. CERAMIC AMMO IS NOT AUTHORIZED.
- Riflemen - limited to 1,000 rounds per mission
- LMG/MMGs - limited to 3,000 rounds per mission
- Snipers - limited to 300 rounds for the entire event
F. Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)
- Examples: SR25, M110, MK12 SPR, SCAR-H, M14, etc.
- Can only be used in SEMI-AUTOMATIC
- They must be equipped with magnified optics to qualify as a DMR.
G. Snipers/Sniper Rifles
- Sniper rifles must be either a bolt action or only used in semi automatic.
- Sniper rifles can use any propellant (Spring, AEG, Gas, HPA)
- All snipers must adhere to the MED rules
- All snipers must carry a secondary weapon
- All snipers must have a designated scout/spotter
- Spotters must carry a full sized AEG/GBBR/HPA.
- Spotters may not carry LMGs/MMGs/Sniper rifles
- Out of courtesy to fellow players, headshots are discouraged
- Sniper teams are limited to two teams per faction.
- Sniper teams must sign up as a sniper and a scout/spotter together.
- Sniper teams must understand that they are issued orders by their commander and can be limited in engagements and/or tasked with any mission. They also understand that the sniper teams will have limited resources while in play. Sniper teams must be self sustaining for several hours at a time and will be treated similar to their real-life counterpart. A sniper team must understand they may only fire a few shots. It depends
on the missions assigned to them.
H. Hand grenades / Distraction Devices
- All participants are authorized to carry up to 4 (combined thunder b’s, tornados, and
- All grenades used must be live action. No inert/rubber grenades are authorized.
- When throwing a grenade, participants must yell, “FRAG OUT!/SMOKE OUT!/ or
- Due to the unreliability of Tornado grenades, if one is set off, whether or not you are hit
with a bb, everyone within 10’ of the grenade will be considered hit.
- If the grenade fails to detonate, it will be considered a dud and no hits will be called.
- If a grenade is tossed and bounces back to the thrower, then detonates, everyone
within 10 feet will be considered hit.
- Do not dive on grenades
Being wounded and healed
Each squad will assign two riflemen the position of Medic. Each medic is required to wear a red band on their arm to identify them as game medics.
When hit, a medic must be called to assist. A medic is the only person who is capable of putting your provided medical bandage on and allowing you to re-enter the game.
If you have re-entered the game and have a bandage on and you get hit again, you must stop in place and yell for a medic. A medic is to come over to you and provide you with a bottle of water to drink. You must drink the entire bottle of water. Once you have completed your bottle of water, you can re-enter the game.
Players are to stop where they are hit and remain in that spot until a medic assists. A player can be moved by another player, but that player must have a hand on their shoulder to simulate dragging.
For each mission, medics are provided 5 bottles of water.
Once the 5 bottles of water are used, the medic is to notify the squad leader that he/she is empty. Once both medics are empty, the team is combat ineffective. The team must retreat to their base if they have not completed their mission.
You may never self-heal or buddy-heal. Only a medic can heal a wounded player.
If a medic is hit, only another medic can assist. The same healing rules apply to medics. If both medics are hit and unable to heal each other or other players, the squad leader may either decide to retreat back to base or fight until all players are dead without any ability to be healed. If the squad leader decides to continue the fight, once all players are hit and out, they must wait 5 minutes to allow the opposing team time to gather intel and then return to base to respawn and be re-assigned a mission by their commander.
Players who are wounded and/or dead on the field may be searched for intelligence. The opposing player must approach and ask the player if they can search them. If the player authorizes the search, the opposing player shall search him for intel, ammo, or for medic water bottles. If the player denies the search, they must tell the player what intel, ammo or medic water they possess and provide it.
Players will be given playing cards to carry on their person. Each playing card represents additional points for your team. If you search a player and recover a card, notify your squad leader with the identification of the card. Your squad leader will contact the RTO who will notify event staff. Each card represents points.
Each mission location will also possess an envelope which represents a particular piece of intelligence which can benefit your teams strategy. Make sure you search mission points thoroughly for intelligence.
Responsible for all the actions or inactions of their entire force
Commands and controls missions, movements and decisions through his chain of command (ie. squad leaders).
Maintains complete awareness of enemy forces, intelligence, mission outcomes and makes decisions based on these factors.
Controls resources to teams (ie. QRF, Extraction orders, orders resupply)
At two points in the game, the CO will be required to be on the field at a certain location with their men.
B. RTO - Radio Operator
Second in command of the entire faction
Monitors and operates the factions intelligence/ radio / tactical operations center.
Remains in constant awareness of the squads in the field, their movements, missions, operational status.
Passes any information received on the radio to the CO.
Passes any orders from the CO to the squads on the field.
C. Squad Leader
Effectively uses command of his squad to direct fire and command tactical movements.
Remains in constant contact with the RTO/CO advising situational awareness, combat effectiveness, and awaiting any orders.
Gathers a readiness condition report and identifies his squads combat effectiveness
If his team is down to 25% ammo, he must order them to return to base for resupply and new orders.
Points are awarded for a multitude of different actions. At the end of the game, the team with the most points will be considered the winner of the entire event.
Points Scale
Objective / Points Awards
1. Playing cards / 2 - 28 points (double face value)
2. Completing an assigned objective / 100 points
3. Effectively defending an objective from attack / 100 points
4. Gathering an intel item / 25 points
5. Territory Controlled / 15 points (end of game)
6. Shooting opposition CO while on the field / 175 points
There will also be individual award titles given for certain players/squads.

Possible missions being developed at this time:
1. Locate and demolish land bridge
Russian squad with EOD tech is to locate and place C4 charge within the drainage culvert. The timer is then activated with 10 minutes. The squad is to hold their position against protecting US Force and prevent US Forces from de-activating the device. If the device detonates, the land bridge is now out of play and cannot be crossed, making movements on playing field more difficult.
2. Locate and demolish communication site
Squad is to locate and place C4 charge on the enemy communication site. The timer is then activated with 10 minutes. The team is to hold their position to insure the enemy team does not de-activate the device. If the device detonates, the team who places the charge gets points. Team is also to check area for intelligence.
3. Locate and demolish surface-to-air missile site
Squad is to locate and place C4 charge on enemy surface-to-air missile site. The timer is then activated with 10 minutes. The team is to hold their position to insure the enemy team does not de-activate the device. If the device detonates, the team who places the charge gets points. Team is also to check area for intelligence.
4. Rescue HVT
U.S. Forces are to attempt a rescue of an American nuclear scientist. If successful, they are to move the scientist to a secondary extraction location without allowing him to be killed in action. Russian Forces protecting the scientist are not allowed to execute him. The only ways the scientist can be kill is by friendly (US) fire during rescue or by Russian snipers believed to be in the area.
5. Disable Nuclear Devices
Russian Forces are in possession of multiple nuclear devices. U.S. Forces are to attempt to locate these devices based on gathered intelligence, and disable these devices. For each device the U.S. Forces successfully disable, they will be awarded points. For each device that is not located or not disabled, the Russian Forces will be awarded points.
Points will be awarded and determined based on the number of successful or unsuccessful missions. Completion of these missions will be decided by the Commanders of each particular force. The strategy and ability of the commanders to make decisions and lead will determine who will be successful in this game.
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Operation Broken Arrow, 08/22/15 (Tentative)
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