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 Some potential thoughts/suggestions

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PostSubject: Some potential thoughts/suggestions   Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:18 pm

I obviously haven’t been an active member of the club in a long time, so what I am going to say is not at all stating what MS-TAC does or doesn’t do, should or shouldn’t do. Just simply some things I have learned, seen, heard from my experiences in airsoft over the last 10 years that might be good ideas for the club. (Also if I say guys I mean guys/girls)

To me, the most important things to keep in mind at all times with airsoft is being safe and having fun. So, if ANYTHING you do as a club compromises either of those two things then you need to consider making changes. As with any sport the goal, outside of the above two things, is to improve your base skills which in turn helps you succeed. Here are some ideas that I think will help these goals.

Play a lot – Practice makes perfect

  1. This does not just include local games. Part of the learning experience is “tests”. When you go to larger games with other teams you can gauge where you are as a player and as a team. I think this is very important to maintain as it’s easy to think you are “awesome” until you get your butt handed to you by a team that actually is. Also, going to these large events can re-energize guys to get back excited about airsoft and what things are out there and growth potential.

  2. We had an opportunity to be the “villains” in some training for the ROTC and/or local law enforcement using semunitions. I know that’s not airsoft, but for guys that want to learn some tactics and CQB training this can be a great tool. I would try and contact them and see if either group needs volunteers. (You might even get some of those guys interested in playing some airsoft with you).

  3. Some of these games can be expensive. I think the club can play n important role in helping people attend these games. When I went to MS-TAC there were a lot of opportunities that we let fall through the cracks that would have helped guys with less money attend these events.

    • Doing fundraising outside of just the stadium cleaning/parking can be a great way to get the funds to attend some of these games (help cover entrance fees, gas, hotel, etc…)

    • I know for official MSU clubs you can acquire the MSU vans for road trips to club events. We had them available to us when I went there if you fill out some paperwork and no one else had scheduled them for that time (though we often didn’t take advantage of them)

Play the right kind of games – Pick game modes that help develop certain skill sets.

  1. Rush – Helps defenders learn how to defend specific locations as a cohesive unit and helps attackers learn how to work together to take objectives quickly. The time aspect of this is huge in my opinion. I would try spending a lot time in the same teams to build unit cohesiveness. If the teams get lopsided then adjust the parameters of the game to make it more difficult for the better team. If you play with the same people over and over you can begin to understand specifically what they would do in certain situations and complement their skill set with yours appropriately. (I would keep in these units when you go to big games as well as best you can as well)

  2. Reactor – Similar skill sets to the Rush but it also forces the defenders to make quick decisions and quickly respond to someone that has the plate “locked down”.  For both of these game types I would try and wage some friendly competition and perhaps keep up with the best rush and reactor times for both offense and defense (with which people were on the “best” team). And give out some patches, or something at the end of the year for “Best ___ Team” etc…

  3. Mix in Semi auto only game and Full auto – This prepares for games like Camp Shelby where semi only is the rule. Also, helps teach trigger control and ammo conservation. Makes games feel more tactical than simply “spray and pray”. Perhaps also only allow limited ammo (one mid cap or one high cap) for some longer games to help with this.

  4. Game modes that are very quick and hectic (Infection, etc..) – The helps teach quick wit, unit integrity, etc…

  5. Something I have seen help people with target acquisition is to build a course of targets that people do time trials through to find and hit all targets. You can have a few live ones that are on purposely “slow moving but hostile (shoots back)” to give the person running the course time to react and hit the target.

  6. Game modes with medic – This is important as larger OPs that you will attend some form of medic rule will be in place. So you want to practice maintaining unit integrity through medics.

    • I have seen an object retrieval objective with ambush locations (if they clear the location without losing their medic they can heal up and proceed to the next ambush location). Ambush locations are up to the defenders, but you want them spaced appropriately. Let each member of the attacking squad only be able to heal a certain number of times (1 or 2 less than the number of locations). Once the team has gotten the unit they must get back to the base with all members together. (Defenders setup ambush locations on the way back).

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PostSubject: Re: Some potential thoughts/suggestions   Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:39 pm

All great points! We actually had a game of Infection which lasted nearly 30 minutes this past weekend which, among other things, highlighted the need for a better way to differentiate the teams (AKA: armbands).
I definitely think we should work in medics more as well as semi-only. Once I started going semi, I never stopped and it does wonders for ammo conservation!
I also think we should check out those ROTC/LE tango opportunities. I personally do not have access to the proper contacts, but perhaps someone else does.
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Some potential thoughts/suggestions
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