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 Upcoming club opportunities

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PostSubject: Upcoming club opportunities    Upcoming club opportunities   EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 7:14 am

Hey guys hope everyone is having a good summer. I have just recently received an email from club sports with some interesting dates that are upcoming that we could do for recruitment or to just get our name out. If anyone is interested in helping during these times I will sign us up for some of these upcoming events, but I will need at least 3 or 4 more people interested in helping during these times so please let me know thanks,

Zak Kloor

Sport Clubs,

I hope you all are enjoying your summer break to the fullest! I realize that its only July but as you may know, the Sports Clubs office works year round to make sure the program is in tip top shape for your return in the fall! We have a lot of great things planned for the upcoming year and there are a few dates that we want to make you guys aware of before you start the fall semester. Please add these to your calendars as we will make sure to get more information out to you guys as the time gets closer. Also, please make sure to pass the word to all of your club members and don’t forget the more involvement on campus, the more advertisement/support for your club!

Aug.9th- 2014 MVN2MSU: this is a volunteer opportunity for your club to help new freshman move into their dorms. This event would be a great opportunity to catch the eye of prospective club members! Be sure to show up and wear your club shirts! You will need to register online in order to participate, you can do this by signing up at housing.msstate.edu .

Aug.11- Sport Club Fair: all clubs are encouraged to participate in this fair. It will be held at the Sanderson Center and each club will be provided a table where they can display/advertise their clubs to prospective MSU freshman students.  We will need to know by Aug.8th if your clubs plans to participate in this event so we can provide a table for you.

Aug.15th- Dawg Daze Event: this event is expected to be held in the Junction from 3-6pm and will be based on giving Freshman students the opportunities to converse with your clubs. More information on this event to follow.  

Aug.18th- First Day of School

Aug.25th- Welcome Back Sport Club Meeting: The first Sport Clubs Monthly Alliance meeting will be held on the second Monday of the semester at 6:00pm in the Conference Room. This meeting is mandatory, as we have a few new changes for officers this year. With that being said remember it is the first meeting of the year so be prepared for this meeting to run a little bit longer than usual. Also come with your personal agendas or calendars, writing utensils, etc. It's going to be great seeing you guys!

We also would like to know if any club’s are affiliated with a conference that has a national philanthropy. For example, some collegiate club level conferences support women’s breast cancer, the Ronald McDonald house, and more. We would like all Sport Clubs to come together this year to not only support each other but also support greater causes. Community service and philanthropy work is both a rewarding experience and also character building. Sport Clubs sees the value in volunteer hours and will be looking year round for clubs that go the extra mile in giving back to the community. If any of you have a philanthropy that your club fundraises for please let us know and we will make sure to look into it!

*Also very important, all clubs who have NOT turned in an officer information sheet need to do so ASAP. We have sent out 3 reminders to all clubs and we have a list of those we have not received forms from.

Once again we hope you guys are having a great summer and we look forward to your return in the fall!


Sport Club Office
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming club opportunities    Upcoming club opportunities   EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 4:39 pm

I'm interested in everything
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Upcoming club opportunities
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