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 416 hop up tweaks

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PostSubject: 416 hop up tweaks   Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:06 am

Ok, so the day I went to ATA to play airsoft there (check my channel), my hop up was being a b***ch. Well, more the bucking. It chronoed something like 250 fps. So we pulled her apart and messed around a bit. Swapped the stock VFC bucking with a crappy G&G extra they had laying around. Fixed the problem. Bucking is now too long to use the C-clamp on the barrel. If I wanted to, I could just cut it down with an X-Acto. I don't want to keep that bucking in my gun. Bottom line: I need a new bucking. But why fix it when I can make it better? What really good buckings are there? Think ones that work well in conjunction with a flat hop (probably the next thing to happen to that gun). Also, the G&G bucking is really thick. My hopup's all the way off and it's still generating hop. Might need one that's a little thinner.
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PostSubject: Re: 416 hop up tweaks   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:28 am

Huzzah something I can answer pretty confidently!

In that case, and you are planning to flat hop it, I would go ahead and flat hop it. No time like the present if you have to replace the bucking anyway. If it was me, I would purchase the Prometheus moundless hop up bucking and the Prometheus Flat hop nub or bridge. The difference in the nub and the bridge, is the bridge is curved a little like an r-hop while the flat nub is of course flat. The bridge is supposed to be better but I haven't had the opportunity to use one so i can't say that for sure.  At the time I installed the flat hop on the DMR, Promy had not yet come out with their moundless bucking . So I turned a Madbull Fishbone bucking (the black one, DMR shot too hot for the white one) inside out and carefully cut the mound out, and we all know how good that worked. I would expect the Promy moundless will work better since they were made to be used with the flat nub or the bridge.

Oh one more thing, I did have to cut the bucking to make the c clamp fit. That's no big deal and I have had to do it every time I've changed a bucking.
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416 hop up tweaks
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