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 Blacksheep: Shelby

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PostSubject: Re: Blacksheep: Shelby   Blacksheep: Shelby - Page 2 EmptyWed Jan 14, 2015 9:23 am

There are now over 300 people registered for the event. Its going to get crazy!
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Tactical Ghost
Tactical Ghost

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Blacksheep: Shelby - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blacksheep: Shelby   Blacksheep: Shelby - Page 2 EmptyMon Jan 26, 2015 3:57 pm

Here's the AAR from the Second of the team part of us ran with:
B.B. Raiders wrote:
AAR-BlackSheep Shelby
Once we loaded up we deployed to EE, After deployment we secured EE, DD, CC, and held the lower flank. Most if not all of our deployments where in heavy contested areas. We spent most of our time in and around NN, Y, U, Z in continual contact with Alpha.
After a few hrs in combat we where pulled to FRAGO. We hooked up with Legion and 2 Alpha squads. Being the first squads into FRAGO I really didn't know what to expect.
Knowing it was just a short ride down the road I assumed it would be a hike in like last time, but it wasn't. The game plan was for Our squad to take the left side of the road while Legion took the right side of the road. While pushing in we where to clear the area of any resistance while a Alpha squad followed
directly behind each squad. Once we reached the intersection of the town Alpha was to push up to the weapons warehouse secure and recover weapons crate while the 2 Bravo squads provided security and a path of fallback for Alpha.
Now here’s where it gets interesting, Our deployment ride for FRAGO seemed unusually long, once we stopped the gate was lifted and we where told our chopper had been shot down. As planned Bravo 1-3 took left side of road while Legion took right. Alpha squad followed each. Once down the road a few yrds we came under heavy attack from OpFor and took immediate casualties. Our Alpha team hooked further left of us while I took a small fire team just left of our main squad. We managed to drop 4 immediately.
Once we cleared the street we had a few OpFor fall way back into the village. Paul our 1-3 SL gave orders to push into the village. Once there he coordinated and defensive line perimeter within the village. Alpha then advanced into the warehouse secured the items and return to the perimeter lines. Then we where informed that the choppers had a 15 min time frame for extraction and to prepare for a counter attack. As told the OpFor countered and we fought a pretty heated fight for a few minutes while waiting on choppers (aka U-Haul’s) to pick us up. We made extraction and accomplished our mission.
At one point we where asked to deploy to MM and relieve a squad located there. Spent about 2 hrs on site from around 2 am to 4 am & as boredom began to set in we began talking and moving around a good bit. Took turns on giving guys rest. We had a 2 man team guarding the main and only door  you could enter in. The rest of us took up positions on the 2nd floor. During this time frame we encountered small but frequent attacks (honestly just enough to weaken our ammo and health supplies) At this moment we sent a text to command asking for relief because we where almost Black on ammo and meds. I would say 30min had passed and someone made the statement (I’m surprised they haven’t  tried to breach this building yet) whelp sure enough they did! Our 2 door guys managed to hit them right off the bat and stalled there advance while retreating to the 2nd floor to us. Our preset defense was activated and we prepared for them to come.
The stairs we had seemed steeper than many but provided a perfect angle for a guy to sit on the 3rd floor and shoot down. The 2nd floor had 4 rooms with 2 doors on each side of the stairwell. We placed a man in each door which provided  a crossfire into the stairwell (we had the same defense set on the 3rd floor as well). Alpha tried there luck with a mass push on the stairs dropping 1 of our guys but losing 5 or 6 of theirs. The remaining ones on the 1st floor found themselves getting trapped there because our relief squad showed up and pinned them between us and them. After a few frags from us and our relief dropping them through murder holes they red-coned out and the fight was over.
Returned to CP to reload and refill water and med bandages, once finished we got tasked with a snatch and grab on the HVT in Al-Alasad. Got reports that it was vacant and a Alpha Sniper team was seen moving around the site. We deployed with a 13 man squad and a sniper team to do a quick grab of the HVT. Once deployed we did room to room searches clearing the objective, located the HVT and rallied back to the truck and returned without any incidents.
By this time day break was upon us and we where tasked to return to the NN, U, Y area and continue our assault on Alpha. We then Held NN the remaining hours of BlackSheep and assisted many Bravo elements in pushing out Alpha from the lower city (which consisted of many firefights).
My overall view is this, Bravo was struck hard with communication failure at first but managed to rally closer to the end giving us a strong showing of a late night to mid-day force which allowed us to overcome a 8,000 point deficit. Alpha showed great resilience and held on for as long as they could but Bravo was committed to the win. BlackSheep to me is always a great experience and it will be the event that all events are compared to.
A few stats. Squad 1-3 redconed from the CACTF 6 times with a average down time of 14.5 mins per turn. Had an overall of 87mins spent at CP. Bravo 1-3 spent 22.73 hours in the fight and we loved every min of it. Thanks to Major and all of the players for the great game! B.B. Raiders will see you again next year.
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Blacksheep: Shelby
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