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 Flat Hop, R Hop, G Hop, G Hop

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Esteemed Alumni
Esteemed Alumni

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PostSubject: Flat Hop, R Hop, G Hop, G Hop   Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:56 am

Could we make a thread on these types of Hop ups? Even if you put up links to threads on other sites I would be happy to read up on them. I've got a new gun that I would like to try this new kind of hop up on.

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Tactical Ghost
Tactical Ghost

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PostSubject: Re: Flat Hop, R Hop, G Hop, G Hop   Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:02 pm

vanevery (Airsoft Society)http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f10/r-hop-vs-flat-hop-vs-normal-81378/ wrote:
If you are new to Hop-up mods, then you are in the best position possible.
All three mods are cheap and easy to do. Even ER-hop once you get some experience filing barrel windows. Use this as an opportunity to compare all three. Start with a quality drop-in Bucking, then progress to Flat-hop, then progress to R-hop.

To answer your question, is actually a bit complex.
Other factors apply to shooting distance and accuracy.
Air Seal, Barrel Stabilization, Barrel Lock-down, Quality heavy weight ammo,
FPS Deviation, all play a part. A quality Inner Barrel can make all the difference as well.
A gun with all the above mentioned tuned properly will out shoot a Flat-hop or R-hop with a simple quality drop-in Bucking if all the other gun has is a Flat-hop or R-hop.

Drop-in Buckings.
A quality drop-in Bucking will serve you well.
Guys were shooting long range long before Flat-hop and R-hop.
You would be surprised just how straight and flat you can shoot with a properly tuned gun, quality heavy ammo, and a drop-in Bucking. I don't believe drop-in Buckings were completely tested to their limits by the majority of airsofters before Flat-hop and R-hop came of age. So, techs today always immediately jump to give advice that Flat-hopping or R-hopping is always better. The fact is, it is not "always" better.
Two Buckings in particular that can and will give you very flat and straight shots with a properly tuned gun and a quality Inner Barrel are:
1. G&G Green
2. Lonex 70 Degree.
In the right set-up with a quality Inner Barrel, these two Buckings will have others convinced you are Flat-hopped or R-hop.

Flat-hop / R-hop.
To say which is better really depends on the distance you are shooting.
I have fully tested Flat-hop over several months with endless Buckings, different length Inner Barrels, and countless Home-made Nubs.
My experience with R-hop has been solely with making my own patches out of a handful of different rubber sources. To date, I have never ordered the patches from HS5 himself. I will do so this year, as well as order some ER-hop patches so that I may compare them to my current results.

- Drop-in Bucking:
I find that a quality Drop-in bucking can give fantastic results up to 100 yards(300'). After that, consistency is very difficult to achieve.
330' is where I find drop-in Buckings to begin to be completely ineffective.

- Flat-hop:
Simply a great mod and super beneficial for long range shooting.
Shooting consistency is close to the same at 330' as it is 300'
If you are going for long distance (past 300') leave the drop-in bucking at home and go flat-hopped. Consistency is still good at 350' but past 350' is where I begin to lose accuracy. The distance is there, but actually hitting the target is a problem.

My R-hop results are about the exact same as my Flat-hop results.
Most of my testing is centered on long range. I have the same issues with wind with both Hop-up mods. I have much more testing to do with R-hop, especially ER-hop, but I am liking my results.

80 yards (240'):
In my experience specifically with my DMR, I find that when shooting at any distance at 80 yards and in, there is no one Hop-up mod that is better than the next. My drop-in buckings mentioned above hit with the same accuracy rate as my Flat-hop and R-hop mods. I find that 80 yards to be a distance barrier that relates to many accuracy and long range shooting mods and gun tuning.
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Esteemed Alumni
Esteemed Alumni

Posts : 126
Join date : 2011-01-25
Location : Mississippi State University

PostSubject: Re: Flat Hop, R Hop, G Hop, G Hop   Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:12 pm

Many thanks. So flat hop is a bucking with no internal mound and a flat nub. R hop is a bucking with no internal mound, a flat nub, and a rubber piece cut to fill the hop up window which acts like a large elongated mound?
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PostSubject: Re: Flat Hop, R Hop, G Hop, G Hop   

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Flat Hop, R Hop, G Hop, G Hop
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