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Esteemed Alumni

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PostSubject: Reactor   Reactor EmptyFri Apr 25, 2014 9:06 am

Defenders must stay within a certain distance of the base(but make this a decent area to operate in).
Defense has 1min respawns at the back of the base.
Offenders have 30sec respawn but must walk a decent distance to respawn location. (Perhaps respawn at the first flag location in RUSH, and have the Plate perhaps in the back base)
To take the base the Offenders must knock over an orange cone/flag that sits below the reactor (metal plate/pan/etc...)
If the reactor gets shot a 1min timer starts in which the defenders can't respawn.
Each time the reactor gets shot the timer resets.
If the timer runs to zero all defenders at respawn point get immediate respawn.
Defenders win by holding a certain time limit (20min or 30min, etc...).

Things needed:
1 Flag or Orange Cone
1 Metal Plate for the reactor (needs to make a distinctive sound when hit that is easily heard by defenders and attackers
1 Ref to keep up with when defenders can respawn and when the reactor gets hit.

Keys to sucess:
1) The placement of the plate is crucial. It can't be too easy to hit, but also can't be extremely hard to hit as well. Needs to be able to be hit at decent range, but not from all directions, to make it easier to defend.
2) If the plate gets pinged the defense MUST focus on eliminating the person that can hit the plate or they WILL lose.
3) Defenders respawn location needs to be in a good location to make a quick impact on the situation when they are able to come back in.
4) Offense must take advantage of the no defensive respawn time when they have the reator down.

This has been one of my favorite game styles to help promote tactics and good offense and defense.
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Tactical Ghost
Tactical Ghost

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Reactor Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reactor   Reactor EmptyFri Apr 25, 2014 11:12 am

This sounds pretty awesome!
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