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PostSubject: Rush   Rush EmptyFri Oct 04, 2013 10:09 pm


There are Three positions or "bases" placed in the Plains and Woods. The two teams have separate roles. Attacking teams role is to attack each base and destroy it. The defenders role is to hold out as long as they can. There are two timed rounds (each team attacks and defends the same positions). The team that manages to defend longer wins.

Time limit: 30 minutes

Location: plains and woods


  • if base is taken defenders can hold there ground till they are hit
  • attackers may spawn at what ever base they have taken but cannot flank the defenders on the last base
  • defenders (AT THE LAST BASE) can respawn if there are two people present at the spawn


  • attackers: unlimited
  • defenders: 1 (until last base then it is 2 man tag in ¬†for respawns)
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