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 Combat, Comm, and Map Discipline

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PostSubject: Combat, Comm, and Map Discipline   Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:31 pm

Based on experience at several events, such as Op-Noob, I noticed that we have terrible comm discipline. I did some research into what the military uses for command structure and simplified and tweaked it to our needs.

Platoon - MS-Tac
         Squad One (Eagle Squad)
                        Fireteam One (Alpha Team)
                                   Alpha One, Eagle 1-1
                                   Alpha Two, Eagle 1-2
                                   Alpha Three, Eagle 1-3
                                   Alpha Four, Eagle 1-4
                        Fireteam Two (Bravo Team)
                                   Bravo One, Eagle 2-1
                                   Bravo Two, Eagle 2-2
                                   Bravo Three, Eagle 2-3
                                   Bravo Four, Eagle 2-4
         Squad Two (Hunter Squad)
                        Fireteam Three (Charlie Team)
                                   Charlie One, Hunter 1-1
                                   Charlie Two, Hunter 1-2
                                   Charlie Three, Hunter 1-3
                                   Charlie Four, Hunter 1-4
                        Fireteam Four (Delta Team)
                                   Delta One, Hunter 2-1
                                   Delta Two, Hunter 2-2
                                   Delta Three, Hunter 2-3
                                   Delta Four, Hunter 2-4

Each squad is made up of 2-3 fireteams. So if we have less than 16 people, then numbers can be moved around under one squad. Open to more squad names like Hunter, Eagle, and Hitman. Try to keep things simple. I think it's smart to keep fireteam names as they are because they are easy to remember.

We need to test walkie talkies the night or week before the game to make sure we have good, static free walkie talkies.

Fireteam members should work in a combat range of 150ft of one another, but always in pairs called fire and maneuver teams. Fireteams in the same squad should try to work together within a range of 300-500 feet.

Maps need to be pre-printed with alpha-numeric grid lines, compass, and simple descriptive location names. Maps should also be oriented so that north is the top of the map. I didn't know the location names at Op-Noob (old HQ, new HQ, etc.) It was just confusing.

Any other ideas or tinkering is welcome. I just put this together last night because it's been bugging me since Op-Noob. We need a simple yet functional group structure.
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Tactical Ghost
Tactical Ghost

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PostSubject: Re: Combat, Comm, and Map Discipline   Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:56 am

I actually printed some maps for OP Noob and kept them in my vest. We even used them a few times for planning flanking maneuvers and the like. Cool 
The biggest problem is being on comms when you don't need to be or taking to long to say what you want. When communicating, remember: Keep It Simple Stupid. Don't make it more complicated than necessary and be precise. Spending time on comms stumbling around words helps no one.
I would also recommend, for larger ops, at least, doing more detailed briefings. These could entail fireteam and squad assignments, overview/naming of reference points on the field, etc.
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Combat, Comm, and Map Discipline
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