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 Tournament style game

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Esteemed Alumni

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PostSubject: Tournament style game   Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:55 am

I recently got a message from one of the DSA admins that read:

" For the last few months I have been talking to Action Pursuit Games of Canton in an effort to set up an airsoft tournament in mid October. This will be a point system event where teams are put to the test against other teams in an effort to find out who is the best this year in our sport in this region.

 I have been trying to settle certain concerns that I've noticed people are hesitant about in this style of game and I think I've taken care of them all.


This field has a dedicated reff staff that are unbiased and unaffiliated with any team.

This field is fully insured, and it is well kept and suited for this event. They have many different scenarios that can be ran and several areas that can handle several different games at one time.

 Prizes will be trophies to the top 3 teams and then prizes to the others.

 Each team can have 6 players max in each game. You can show up with 20 players, but only 6 can play at a time.

 I'm extending this invitation to you and your team in an effort to get at least 10 teams to commit to this event. When I get 10 teams to commit then I will post it up on all the forums in the immediate area in an effort to get at least 20 teams. Then we'll cap it off. This being our first time we don't need to over load ourselves. Please let me know soon if y'all are interested. Thanks!"

I told him I would talk to MS-TAC and see if ya'll are interested. Here was my response:

"I will talk to both the coast group and MS-TAC about thier interest and get back with you. Are their any rules on someone participating with more than one team? I consider myself affiliated with both the coast group and MS-TAC, and might be interested in playing with one or both. Also, if you have 14 guys and only 6 are allowed in a game(per team fielded) 2 don't get to play. So it would be nice if say ms-tac could have say 3 teams with a couple people on more than one team. Also, do you have any idea as to what types of game play/game types will be used. I think you will find some teams might be the "best" at CQB or fast paced game styles, while others are better at longer more indepth game modes(not all of which are good game modes for a tournament).

I have not been a fan of designating a team as the "best" in the state because I don't think you can sufficiently test many facets of airsoft in a tournament style (group to group communication, being a "difference maker" at large games, patience in long objectives etc....). Tournaments are more about testing who is the better shot, small group communication, squad based tactics, aggresiveness, speed, etc...

However, I do think a tournament style game day would be a lot of fun, I would enjoy participating."

Let me know what ya'll think.
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Esteemed Alumni

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PostSubject: Re: Tournament style game   Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:11 pm

I got the same message. I'm hoping we can get a team. I asked and was told that we could have more than one team as long as long as we made up different team names for the respective groups. I agree I think it would be a lot of fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament style game   Fri Jun 28, 2013 3:12 pm

I agree that it sounds fun. Bringin' that Bulldog spirit to airsoft!
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament style game   

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Tournament style game
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