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 Operation Blackout/ Halloween Zombie Game Oct 27

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PostSubject: Operation Blackout/ Halloween Zombie Game Oct 27   Mon Oct 01, 2012 7:44 pm

Location: Dennis, Mississippi @ The Badlands
Date and Time: October 27 5:00PM- Until
Must have waiver and medical release form to play.
Field Fee: $10
Normal games will take place after this one is finished.

425 w/.25s 10 ft
450 w/.25s 50 ft
475 w/.25s 75 ft
550 w/.25s 100 ft semi only

Back story:
This is your captain speaking, I hope you have enjoyed flight 183. We will be beginning our descent shortly, if you would please place your seat backs and your tray tables up. Thank you again……. What was that flash of light?!?!?!?
Lights go out, masks drop, and the plane drops!
Everyone comes to inside a burning pile of rubble, pilots and half the passengers are dead. Several survivors are injured. The Air Marshal is the only survivor with a gun and has been elected by everyone to be the leader.
One of the passengers, "what should we do Air Marshal?" " We need to find the nearest phone or person for help. Is that someone over there?" says the marshal. Everyone turns to see a man crouching over a dead body eating them.One of the flight attendants shrieks "Oh my God, it’s a zombie!!!!" The zombie turns and runs at the survivors, just before he gets to them the Air Marshal pulls his side arm and shoots the zombie.
What? Zombies? Am I dreaming? After surviving a plane crash, now you will have to survive a zombie outbreak. Finding a way out alive is our next priority.

The survivors will only be allowed to use springer shotguns and pistols as well as melee weapons,( pool noodle, training knives, nerf swords and battle axes, home made foam padded weapons [must be approved by myself or the other core members] etc.) Only one survivor starts out with a gun, we are going to allow people that have a springer to have their gun but no ammo at the beginning.

They will have to find ammo, weapons, and other things for the game on the field in various places as the game progresses. The zombies have to be shot in the head and or neck for a kill, if they get shot in the leg or arm they will just flinch and keep coming. Getting shot in the leg will slow the zombie down but not kill them. The survivors can be turned to zombies, no respawn. Each survivor will have 2 dead rags looped through a belt loop or belt, if a zombie pulls their rag out then they have been "bitten" and are now the walking dead. Zombies will respawn in total darkness out of sight from any survivor( kinda like the multiplayer on left for dead).

We will be playing some other games afterward so if you wanna stick around for that you'll need your gear but for the zombie game no tactical gear will be needed. Everyone will need to bring a glow stick to use as a dead rag for the normal games. It's gonna get messy so I would bring clothes that don't matter.

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Operation Blackout/ Halloween Zombie Game Oct 27
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