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 The final mod, the scar to be complete!

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The final mod, the scar to be complete! Empty
PostSubject: The final mod, the scar to be complete!   The final mod, the scar to be complete! EmptySat Aug 20, 2011 11:43 pm

I'm not sure what kind of projects yall have been working on over the summer, I hate not being up at MSU with all of you, but that's how it has to be. I have recently stumbled upon what could seemingly be the salvation for my scar, as far as accuracy is concerned. The R and the ER hop up, couple of source links here and here. The R hop is supposed to take the normal hop up, and multiply the contact surface from a single point into a long patch within the barrel, helping to create extra stable backspin on the BB(the ER hop more so). People are apparently managing ridiculous ranges with this hop up, and being able to use heavier and heavier bbs to greater effect. So now I'm biting the bullet, buying a patch, and cutting a hop up window for an ER patch in the SCAR. So far for cutting the barrel, I am practicing on a stock brass barrel and getting better at it, I'm going to get a diamond tip bit for de-buring tomorrow and cut a couple of more.

Luckily being at home I have the capability to do the minute adjustments needed to get it working just right, the patch comes at a set length and you shape and sand it inside and out to the dimensions needed. For actually tuning the hop, it requires you to take sandpaper to the inside of the hop, its basically a fixed hop(more so it will be in my scar). I'm not sure how yall would be able to go about throwing this mod in your guns, given the fact that you have to be able to shoot at long ranges, and have access to the tools to alter the patch and take down your gun at the same time. But for some of you more serious techs, its worth looking in to!

Also looking forward to using the scar, and I will be only using the scar should I get this mod to work, whenever I come to play with yall. I used it at the All Out War in Alabama this summer, and managed to hold the cross roads from the front tower of the fort for 2 hours strait with the scar. It took a 100 degree torture test of about 30 some odd mag reload/dumps in a row, and kept going for the whole two hours(3 people had their aegs die from parts failures and battery issues, while I kept on shooting Laughing). It'll be extra scary if the bb will go where I want it too after this, and not decide it wants to go 90 degrees in another direction at about 150ft Laughing
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The final mod, the scar to be complete! Empty
PostSubject: Re: The final mod, the scar to be complete!   The final mod, the scar to be complete! EmptyMon Aug 22, 2011 8:34 am

There's a few different names for it now, we know of it as the flat hop. Due to the tuning required it's rather difficult for any of us to work on it without pissing off the neighbors.
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The final mod, the scar to be complete!
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